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Why Underground Train Models Are Unique

By February 25, 2021No Comments

Underground Train Models

Underground train models are a fantastic addition to any collector s set, as well as having their own unique appeal. Models of the London Underground are great to start a collection and with O scale models available at Radley Models, we can always help you find the specific models for your needs.

Radley Models stock a wide range of underground train models, as well as having other trains, trucks, lorries and vans available for you to purchase.

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History Of The London Underground

One of the factors that makes the London Underground so special is that it is a historic part of London city. It was constructed in 1863 and has stood the test of time throughout its 156-year history. Its first ever journey took place on the 9th January 1863 and by 1884, there were over 800 trains roaming around every day.

The London Underground has continued to grow since it was first built, with more and more trains being regularly added. It has also been improved upon frequently, with Kennington the only city and South London Railway station that remains close to its original condition. This station even features a domed roof.

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Switching To Train Models

As such an iconic part of London, it is no wonder that underground train models are so popular and are just some of the many fantastic models that can be collected. We can create new models for individuals, as well as having a range of London underground train models already in stock for you to purchase. We stock and create trains from many different years, giving you complete personalisation over the train models you would like.

Switching the London Underground to train models is no easy task but if you are a collector or you would like to own trains from the London underground, this can always be done. Just some of the Underground trains we have to buy include:

  • 1927 Trailer
  • 1934 Trailer
  • Control Trailer
  • Craven Set 3 Powered Kit
  • Piccadilly 1931 Driver Non Powered
  • Piccadilly 1931 Driver Powered
  • Piccadilly 1934 Driver Non Powered
  • Piccadilly 1934 Driver Powered

With many other London Underground trains models also available to create and stock, this means we can meet the needs of the most enthusiastic clients who would like to purchase several different models, specific to your needs.

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Why Choose Underground Train Models?

Whilst there are several train models, O-sized models and OO sized models available to buy, underground train models are often one of the best options for your needs. Regardless of the current collection you have, Underground train models will make a brilliant addition, as well as fitting perfectly into any Underground train track sets you already hold. Due to its popularity, the London underground makes more than 1 billion journey every year, travelling over 114,500 miles.

By having some of the train models yourself, this can give you a part of British culture within a train model, whilst marking the start of any underground collection. With so many train models available, you are never lacking options when making your choice and selecting the train you want most.

With our team providing competitively priced train models, you can always turn to us when looking for the ideal model to buy.

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If you are interested in purchasing any of our Underground train models, contact Radley Models today. We can always discuss the exact models you would like or discuss the stock and when certain models will be next available. With other trains and vehicles also here to buy, you can discuss any interests you have in specific models. Make an enquiry and call 07956320140 or 01425479377 or fill in our contact form today.

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