Underground Train Models in Salisbury

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Underground Model Trains

With years of experience in London transport and underground train models, here at Radley Models we are sure to stock the perfect items for your collection. We are situated not too far away from Salisbury and have a large selection of items for our customers. From those starting out in the world of model trains to others who are wanting to expand the kits they already have, we will work with you to complete your collection.

For any further details about the underground train models we stock, please call us from Salisbury on 01425 479377 or 07956 320140.

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Items For Sale

Some of the 7mm items that we stock include:

    • LT Brake Vans O Gauge
    • Resin Starter Kits
    • Trolley Buses O Gauge
    • JCB O Gauge
    • Dodge Coal Lorry and Tipper
    • Action Shuttle
      • London Transport Pannier
      • O Gauge Parts and Bits
      • M Class London Tram 3 Kits
      • RTR Trucks and Lorries
      • Card Kits

There are also other items, which may include:

      • 2mm N Gauge Card Kits
      • 2mm to 3mm N Gauge TT3
      • 4mm OO Gauge Kits
      • 4mm OO Gauge Card Kits
      • 4mm OO Gauge Underground Kits
      • Aircraft Diecast Models
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History of Model Trains

Collecting model trains and vehicles has been an extremely common hobby for a number of years. The very first train sets were commercially created by Marklin in 1891. The German company were then followed by other manufacturers, expanding the industry for years to come. By the middle of the 20th Century model trains had become one of the most sought after toys for boys in the USA.

Over time model trains have adapted and changed according to technological advancements. They have become more realistic, making them more desirable for collectors across the world. There are endless models of life-size trains available and there are many different scales to select from.

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About 4mm Scales

There are usually 6 different gauges which can be found as part of 4mm scales. These are listed below with a brief overview of what they are:

00 Gauge

In the UK this is the most popular gauge and has a large selection of kits, accessories as well as ready to run models available for it. Despite this, some criticisers believe that the tracks are too small at a width of 16.5mm.

P4/S4 Gauge

This has a scale of 1:76 and a inside track width of 18.83mm, making them larger than the 00.

HO Gauge

As a popular option in other countries, this has a scale of 1:87 with a 16.5mm gauge. In fact, this gauge is about 15% smaller than the 00.

00n3 Gauge

If you have an Irish 3ft gauge system or an Isle of Man railway, this is the right option for you.

009 Gauge

Great for N gauge chassis as well as a lot of 4mm accessories.

EM Gauge

This has a scale of 1:76 and a 18.2mm gauge. Although, it isn’t hugely popular.

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Around the Salisbury Area

The city of Salisbury is located in Wiltshire and can be traced back to 900 AD. Today around 40,000 people live here and the area is set around the Avon, Ebble, Nadder, Bourne and Wylye rivers.

Whether you live here or are visiting, there will always be a perfect place for you to visit. This can include a trip to the famous Cathedral which dates to around 1386. Other locations worth considering are the Harnham Water Meadows as well as The Rifles Berkshire and Wiltshire Museum.

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If you live in Salisbury and are looking for underground train models, please call us on 01425 479377 or 07956 320140. Another way of contacting us is through the website contact form.

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We have an extensive range of models available you can view our selection here