English Electric 16SVT Mk1 Engine


The EE 16SVT engine was designed for static, marine and railway use around 1934 and updated continually with the last being produced in 1968. This particular variant was introduced into service around 1946-7 by the LMS and first used in their 1600hp diesel-electric loco No:10000. Later versions were used in the BR[S] locos 10201-3 and eventually in the class 40 [D200-399] locomotives. The power unit consists of a liquid-cooled V16 diesel engine fitted with turbochargers as well as auxiliary and main electricity generators. The visible pipe work associated with the engine depends on whether the unit is designed for static standby generator use, submarine use or in a locomotive. Reference C shows the engine in its static role prior to being modified for loco use just over 5inces long and 2 inches tall and just under 2 inches wide