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Model Trains

Whether you are based in Lymington or another surrounding area, Radley Models is the perfect place to go for all of your train and tube train kits. In the past we have sold a huge variety of items for our clients, enabling them to create their very own models. Whether you are new to modelling or are interested in expanding the collection that you already have, our items are perfect.

If you would like more information about the tube train kits we stock in Lymington, call 01425 479377 or 07956 320140.

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Models For Sale

No matter what you are looking for, we will always be able to assist with your tube train kits. There are a range of items available for sale and we update the stock that we hold regularly.

We have a huge range of items for sale which are for 7mm. These are:

  • LT Brake Vans O Gauge
  • Resin Starter Kits
  • Trolley Buses O Gauge
  • JCB O Gauge
  • Dodge Coal Lorry and Tipper
  • Action Shuttle
  • London Transport Pannier
  • O Gauge Parts and Bits
  • M Class London Tram 3 Kits
  • RTR Trucks and Lorries
  • Card Kits

Alongside this, other items that we can sell to you include:

  • 2mm N Gauge Card Kits
  • 2mm to 3mm N Gauge TT3
  • 4mm OO Gauge Kits
  • 4mm OO Gauge Card Kits
  • 4mm OO Gauge Underground Kits
  • Aircraft Diecast Models
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What are Tube Train Kits?

The London Underground is one of the most highly regarded transport systems in the world. An idea for this form of transport was suggested in the 1830s and by January 10 1863 the very first tube trains began operation in London. Today the entire network in the capital city spans 250 miles (402 km) and has a track gauge of 4ft 8″ inches. On top of this, most of the trains go an average speed of 21 mph (33 km/h).

Building your own underground system is exciting and we have a range of models which may be perfect for you. This includes 4mm OO gauge underground kits like:

  • Motor Bogies
  • Dreadnought Roof
  • London Transport Road Vehicles
  • Station Items
  • Bogies White Metal and Resin
  • Cabel Hangers
  • Resin Body
  • Tube Stock Kits
  • Surface 1900 to 1960 Kits
  • Engineering LT
  • Metropolitan Stock
  • EFE Models
  • Ready to Run

You can read more about why underground models are unique by reading our blog post.

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Popular Scales

A scale is a model which has been scaled down and is only a proportion of the real vehicle size. This is a key part of any train model set and allows you to bring your own sets to life. Normally these are measured with a ratio of mm to inch.

Some of the most common scales that you may come across includes small, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 7mm, and Larger. Those gauges in the 4mm scale category includes HO, 00, EM, P4/S4, 009, as well as 00n3.

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Around the Lymington Area

As a port town on the south coast, Lymington is a popular place for people to live in. Around 15,000 people call this their home and the Lymington River runs through the area.

For those that live here as well as visitors, there are endless things to do. Whether you enjoy the great outdoors or are more into culture, you’ll always be able to plan the perfect day out. A few of the most popular places to go include the Buckland Rings, St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery, and the Lymington Sea Water Swimming Baths.

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If you are based in Lymington and would like more detail about our tube train kits, please call us today on 01425 479377 or 07956 320140. You can alternatively fill the contact form in and we will be back in touch as soon as we can.

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