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Model Trains

At Radley Models we have a wide selection of model trains for sale for a range of clients. Our shop is based in Ringwood, close to Christchurch and the surrounding area. Whether you are new to collecting or are looking for specific items for a well-established model railway, we will always be on hand to help you.

Alongside this, we are specialists in London transport models as well as tube station kits. For more details about our stock, please call us on 01425 479377 or 07956 320140.

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Items For Sale

As we stock a large variety of items, you are sure to find the right ones for your collection. There are several different 7mm items for sale, including:

  • LT Brake Vans O Gauge
  • Resin Starter Kits
  • Trolley Buses O Gauge
  • JCB O Gauge
  • Dodge Coal Lorry and Tipper
  • Action Shuttle
  • London Transport Pannier
  • O Gauge Parts and Bits
  • M Class London Tram 3 Kits
  • RTR Trucks and Lorries
  • Card Kits

Some of the other items in stock are:

  • 2mm N Gauge Card Kits
  • 2mm to 3mm N Gauge TT3
  • 4mm OO Gauge Kits
  • 4mm OO Gauge Card Kits
  • 4mm OO Gauge Underground Kits
  • Aircraft Diecast Models
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What are Gauges?

As a starter in the world of model trains, understanding gauges is important. When gauges are mentioned, this refers to the distance between rails in sets. Most tracks will be 4’8 1/2″ however these can differ.

Usually there are two main groups which gauges can fall into, standard and narrow. A standard gauge is the size mentioned above, whereas a narrow tends to include railway tracks that are smaller than standard.

Some of the most popular gauges include:

  • Z Gauge
  • N Gauge
  • TT Gauge
  • HO Gauge
  • 00 Gauge
  • EM Gauge
  • P4/S4 Gauge
  • 009 Gauge
  • 00n3 Gauge
  • 0 Gauge
  • 0-16.5 Gauge
  • Gauge 1
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About 0 Gauge Models

There are 3 different 0 gauge items that you may come across when working with 7mm scales. These are 7mm to 1ft and range from 1:43.5, 1:45 and 1:48 scale. The most popular of these is the 1:43.5 and this is due to the wide availability of high-quality stock kits. The other items mentioned are more often to be found in other countries like the US, Germany, Russia as well as Japan.

You may also come across a 0-16.5 gauge which has a 1:43.5 scale. These use a OO spaced track and this allows them to use OO gauge locomotive chassis on smaller kits.

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Around the Christchurch Area

The town and parish of Christchurch is located in the beautiful county of Dorset but was once part of Hampshire. At least 48,000 people live here and it was once regarded as one of the most important trading ports on the south coast.

For anybody who visits here or calls Christchurch their home, there are plenty of places to go to. These include a trip to the Hengistbury Head Land Train, the Castle and Norman House, as well as the Red House Museum and Gardens.

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Find Out More

If you would like any further details about the model trains for sale in Christchurch, please call our team today on 01425 479377 or 07956 320140. You can also fill in our contact form and we will be back in touch as soon as we can.

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